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Telemedicine Specialist

Covalent Health

Gabriel R Suarez, MD MBA

Functional Medicine Physician & Concierge Primary Care located in Miami, FL

With technology advancing and health care growing, telemedicine has become more readily available for patients seeking care from the comfort of their homes or offices. Gabriel Suarez, MD, MBA, at Covalent Health in Miami, Florida, proudly offers telemedicine services to patients enrolled in their primary care membership program. If you prefer to meet with your provider over the phone or video, call Covalent Health to learn more about receiving telemedicine.

Telemedicine Q&A

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine involves exchanging medical information between the patient and the provider. At Covalent Health, telemedicine provides the opportunity for Dr. Suarez to meet with you remotely over the telephone or via a video portal. This practice has increased in popularity with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing patients the comfort of receiving professional help for many urgent and non-urgent matters from their homes or offices. 

You may also benefit from telemedicine if you have disabilities that hinder you from easily getting around. Dr. Suarez is happy to provide you with the help you need through the method you prefer. 

How does telemedicine work?

When you call Covalent Health to receive telemedicine, Dr. Suarez talks with you about your medical history, symptoms you may be experiencing, and any concerns you might have. 

Taking a holistic approach to medicine, Dr. Suarez may suggest conservative methods to treating your issues, such as taking over-the-counter medicine, resting, or icing any injuries you might have. 

If further medication or testing is required, he may write you a prescription or coordinate lab testing to help treat or diagnose your health issues. 

What are the benefits of telemedicine?

Whether you have a disability that makes it difficult to get around, you have children you need to look after, or you’re concerned about exposure to sickness, it can be inconvenient to leave your home for appointments with your healthcare provider. 

With the medical world constantly growing and technology advancing, telemedicine has become available to patients and health practitioners, providing several benefits.

These benefits include:

  • Lower cost
  • Less time spent traveling to and from appointments
  • Easy access to specialists
  • No need for childcare
  • Less exposure to sick patients
  • Support for those with chronic issues

It’s important to note that telemedicine doesn’t take the place of in-person care, but rather helps contribute to your diagnosis and treatment. Not all medical concerns should be treated over the phone. 

Depending on the problems that you’re experiencing, Dr. Suarez may ask that you come into the office to collect vitals or perform testing to accurately determine any health complications you might have.

To learn more about telemedicine, call Covalent Health to speak with a team member or book an appointment online today.