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Direct Primary Care

Covalent Health

Gabriel R Suarez, MD MBA

Functional Medicine Physician & Concierge Primary Care located in Miami, FL

Frustrated with long wait times and poor quality care? Consider our Direct Primary Care model that delivers high quality care at affordable prices. We purposely do not contract with insurances and instead bill our patients directly for our services. You are however able to use your insurance for labs and diagnostics as well as medications through your pharmacy. We also have self pay options for labs, diagnostics, and select medications as these items may be cheaper if you have a high deductible plan. 


Direct Primary Care Q&A

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct primary care is a growing practice model in which health care providers contract directly with their patients instead of insurance companies. This model reestablishes a direct relationship between patient and provider which has tragically been lost due to the traditional model. It results in improved quality of care, access, and convenience.

This is similar to a concierge model but direct primary care focus on value of care ensuring that high quality service can be provided at affordable rates.

What Direct Primary Care services are provided at Covalent Health?

Patients have the option of paying for individual services on a as needed basis (i.e. annual physical, follow up, or telemedicine service) or they can bundle the services through a monthly membership fee that includes the following: 

The Concierge Care program at Covalent Health includes:

  • An in-office preventive health (physical) visit once a year
  • One monthly In office visit 
  • 3 telemedicine visit every month
  • Waived convenience fees
  • Yearly ECG
  • Yearly Inbody composition test
  • Concierge Care Coodination for specialty services and diagnostic tests 


Individual Services include: 

Preventive Physical Exam: 

  • Designed to evaluate and address preventive screening tests and diagnostic studies. It includes measurement of biometrics as well as a physical exam by Dr. Suarez. Patients may elect to perform testing in office or be provided orders to go directly to lab themselves. 
  • Fee: $75
  • In Office Lab Convenience Fee: $35

Additional testing during this service include: 

  • Inbody Composition Test: $50 
  • ECG: $40 
  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): $120
  • Nitric Oxide Test: $2
  • Fasting glucose/ketone test: $2

Diagnostic imaging orders typically provided include: 

  • Chest X ray
  • Coronary Calcium Score Test 
  • Whole Body MRI 

Specialty Test can also be provided including:

  • Adrenal Stress Profile
  • GI Map Microbiome test
  • Nutreval Organic Acid and Heavy Metal Test 
  • Grail Cancer Test 

Patient is scheduled for follow up visit to review results following Physical. 

Lab Review Fee: $45

Specialty Lab Review Fee: $75 

For patients who have ongoing medical concerns and would like a more thorough assesment of these issues we offer an Initial Evaluation or Comprehensive Office Visit which is a 1 hour visit with Dr. Suarez in which all concerns are addressed. 

Initial Evaluation or Comprehensive Office Visit Fee: $150 

Establish Direct Primary Care at Covalent Health by calling the office or using the online booking feature today.