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Meet Dr. Suarez



Meet Dr. Suarez

Dr. Gabriel Suarez, MD MBA, is a young yet experienced Board Certified Family Medicine Physician trained locally at the FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine and the Baptist Health South Florida Family Medicine Residency Program. He is also an Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Provider (IFMCP) an internationally recognized society providing the highest standards of training and education. Dr. Suarez is a caring, independent physician who's main concern is the health of his patients. He offers a unique approach through comprehensive and individualized services to prevent and manage chronic diseases as well as optimize wellness. 

Dr. Suarez is a second generation Cuban American who was born and raised in Miami, FL. His mother was a second generation public school teacher and his father, was a charismatic salesman who came to the United States in his third decade of life. His mother prioritized his education, sacrificing to provide him with a Jesuit education at Belen Preparatory School where its academic rigor and emphasis on faith molded him into a studious and caring individual. Dr. Suarez credits his foundational education at Belen for his success and formation stating his alma mater's motto "Men for Others" and "For the greater glory, of God" as guiding values. His father instilled in him the importance of professionalism, communication, and conciousness. His father was also an advocate for vigorous exercise, team sports, and proper nutrition. This propelled Gabriel to pursue sports as a runner where he learned the value of team work and leadership. As a professional, Dr. Suarez has exuded these principles and characteristics by winning several awards in professionalism both in Medical School and Residency as well as being named the Chief Resident of his program during training. 

Due to a genetic predisposition and increase stress from medical school, Dr. Suarez experienced a disabiling health crisis during his training which would change his life forever. After experiencing debilitating fevers with swollen, painful joints Dr. Suarez was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis. This condition causes the immune system to attack the joints, tendons, and blood vessels of the body leaving patients with chronic medical issues and disabilities. Dr. Suarez found himself as a patient in a complex system that offered high risk medical interventions and harsh pharmaceutical medications. After 6 months of medical treatment with no potential reversal in sight, Dr. Suarez began his journey into Functional Medicine. He learned the importance of Light, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Stress Management, and Sleep while also learning about supplements that targeted Mitochondrial Health, Hormone and Immune System Balance, as well as Detoxifcation from Environmental Toxins. With this new knowledge Dr. Suarez was able to reverse his condition and although chronic he has been able to live a fully and healthy life, exceeding his peers in physical fitness and overall wellness. 

Following his Residency training, Dr. Suarez served his local community as a Primary Care Physician through the Baptist Health Medical Group where he was promoted to Associate Program Director of the hospital's training program. Despite his success, Dr. Suarez grew frustrated with the failing health system that placed corporations and insurances between him and his patients. After COVID 19, he could no longer watch as his patients became sicker and sicker and decided he would uphold his Hippocratic Oath of "doing no harm" to better help his patients. As a strong opponent to the COVID 19 vaccine mandates, Dr. Suarez was always a vocal advocate for his patients and ultimately had to follow his own principles to start a new practice in which patients and providers were free to make shared decisions with proper informed consent. 

He know serves as a shinning example of an independent practicioner in a new and growing health care delivery model called Direct Primary Care.

Dr. Suarez continues to be an avid runner and is the Team Physician for the Belen Athletics Program. He is the proud father of his son, Lucas, and daughter, Stella with his wife, Natalie Suarez PA-C, or as Dr. Suarez calls her "the most beautiful Dermatologist on Earth". Dr. Suarez continues to serve his alma maters as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at Florida International University hosting the Family Medicine Residency Clerkship in his practice. He also serves Belen Jesuit as a Board Member of the Alumni Associated section for Health Care. His devotion to community service is performed to the underserved residents of the Sweetwater community through the Lil Abner Foundation. Dr. Suarez focuses on outpatient medicine but has an affiliated status with Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables and has direct access to specialty care services. 

Dr. Suarez invites anyone seeking improved health and well-being to book an appointment at Covalent Health today. 


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