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Preoperative Clearances Specialist

Covalent Health

Gabriel R Suarez, MD MBA

Functional Medicine Physician & Concierge Primary Care located in Miami, FL

Before surgery, it’s important to participate in a preoperative clearance. This in-office screening ensures you’re healthy enough to undergo an operation. At Covalent Health, in Miami, Florida, Gabriel Suarez, MD, MBA, conducts timely, streamlined preoperative clearances, checking for risk factors of cardiac, pulmonary, and infectious complications. To schedule a preoperative evaluation, call the office or request an appointment online today.

Preoperative Clearance Q&A

What is a preoperative clearance?

A preoperative clearance, or a preoperative medical evaluation, is a screening procedure used to determine your risk of complications during surgery. The overall preoperative risk you face depends on the type of surgery. However, even minimally invasive operations present challenges.

Dr. Suarez and the Covalent Health team recommend all people undergo a preoperative clearance before surgery. This type of screening is especially beneficial for people with underlying medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or respiratory disorders.

What happens during a preoperative clearance?

A preoperative evaluation takes place before your operation. During your appointment, Dr. Suarez focuses on three specific areas:

Physical exam

During this portion of your preoperative medical evaluation, Dr. Suarez conducts a physical and neurological exam, reviews your medical history, and asks about your lifestyle and the symptoms you’re experiencing. 

Make sure to let Dr. Suarez know if you drink alcohol or use tobacco. It’s also important to let your provider know about any prescription medications, vitamins, or nutritional supplements you take regularly.

After gathering this information, Dr. Suarez conducts a functional assessment, checking your vital signs, reflexes, and overall range of motion.

Laboratory assessment

After gathering information about your general health, Dr. Suarez orders a series of same-day laboratory tests, including a complete blood count (CBC), an extensive blood chemistry profile, and a urinalysis. 

Dr. Suarez uses this information to determine your risk of side effects and see what type of anesthesia you’ll most benefit from. To achieve accurate results, he might ask you to fast several hours before your appointment.

Cardiac evaluation

Cardiovascular disease affects about 25% of the adult population. Although common, heart disease increases your risk of surgery-related complications, including heart attack, stroke, or a prolonged hospital stay.

A cardiac evaluation helps Dr. Suarez assess the strength and function of your heart muscle using an in-office electrocardiogram (EKG). If he detects a potential problem, like high blood pressure or high cholesterol, he may recommend getting your numbers under control before moving forward with surgery.

Other diagnostic imaging tests

Should you need additional diagnostic imaging tests, Covalent Health partners with diagnostic imaging centers in the area to ensure they’re performed in a timely manner.

Once Dr. Suarez completes your preoperative clearance, he discusses your results with you and outlines your risk of complications in full detail so you understand how you can optimize your health before your upcoming surgery. 

Do I need a preoperative clearance?

Anyone who is preparing to undergo an elective or non-elective surgery should schedule a preoperative medical evaluation. This advice applies to healthy people and those with underlying health problems. Participating in a preoperative clearance can provide important insights into your health. It can also alert you to potential problems, ensuring your operation goes smoothly.

To schedule your preoperative clearance at Covalent Health, call the nearest office or book online today.